You may have noticed there is a time limit on use of hi-rise computers. Here are some common questions about that.

What is Fortres Grand software?

This is a program installed on the computers to manage usage time limits. You should notice a time limit box at the top of the screen. This is put there by the time limit software. Closing that box will immediately log you out of the computer.

What is the time limit for hi-rise computer use?

This varies by site. In most cases it is between one and two hours. (1 ½ and 2 hours seem to be the most common.)

Why is a time limit necessary?

This is somewhat less of an issue now, but in the past there were problems with people using computers for excessively long periods of time. This meant that computers weren’t available for other residents to use when they needed to.

Why does the mouse not work on the screen with the Computer Use Protocol?

This happens because of a bug in the Fortres Grand software. If a computer is set to log directly into an account without a password, it causes the software to glitch. This manifests in the mouse pointer not showing on the screen and the inability to click on the ‘accept’ box. (There is no password on the Resident account on hi-rise computers. If a computer gets set to log into this account directly, the aforementioned glitch will happen.)

How do I fix that glitch when it happens?

To permanently fix this, the Computer Admin or a Computer Peer will need to temporarily turn off Deepfreeze and set the computer to default to the account selection screen. In the meantime, you can press ctrl+alt+delete to bypass the first screen and use the computer. You may have to hold down those keys for a few seconds or press them several times before this works.

If you notice a computer with this issue, you should let your Computer Admin know. If your site doesn’t have an admin, you should submit a Helpdesk ticket.

Here is a printable version of this information.

Time limits

For Computer Admins:

How do I change the settings so the computer doesn’t log into the Resident account directly?

This is easy to do. You first thaw DeepFreeze. (ctrl+shift+alt+f6 and then select boot thawed.) Reboot the computer. Once you are in the resident account again you can go to the start menu and log out. Log in to the admin account. Open DeepFreeze again and select boot frozen. Restart the computer. You should now have the account selection screen on all future reboots.