This is a common thing people ask for assistance with. This knowledge base section will help to answer some questions people commonly have about printing from phones or tablets.

Can I print directly from my phone?

Yes. You should be able to print directly to any wi-fi capable printer. To my knowledge, all community room printers are wi-fi enabled.

Do I need a special app to print?

You can use an app for most printers but with modern mobile operating systems it usually isn’t required. Apps like Brother’s iPrint & Scan have additional features that might be useful in some cases. (Photo printing, for example.) For basic printing, going directly from the browser or app you are using should be fine.

Anything I should keep in mind when printing from my phone?

You should be sure your device is connected to the same network as the printer you want to print to. Printing will not work if you have wi-fi turned off or are not connected to the building network. (In almost all cases the printer will be on the main building wi-fi network. It should show up in the list of available networks as something like Seal Wi-Fi. (It will have your hi-rise name instead of Seal, unless you are at that site.)

Make sure you have the correct printer selected. The majority of hi-rises have just one printer, and that should be the one that shows up. You also want to be sure you don’t have something like Print to PDF or XPS document writer selected.

How do I print from an iPhone or iPad?

Start by clicking on the square with the upwards pointing arrow that is at the right side of the address bar, if you are printing from a browser. Then, scroll down until you see the “print” menu item.

In the Gmail app, click on the three dots at the right side of the message window and then click print.

A preview of your message should come up. Check to be sure you have the correct printer selected and the correct pages and then click print.

How do I print from an Android device?

To print from a browser, you start by clicking the three dots at the top right of the screen. You then click on the link that says “share”. A window will pop up at the bottom of the screen. Choose the print option here. A new window will open up with a print preview. At the top of that window is a dropdown menu that lets you choose the printer you want. If your device is on the same network as the printer you want, it should show up in the available options. If not, there is a button to click to search for printers on the network.

Once everything is correct you can click print.

Printing from Gmail follows the same procedure as for Apple devices.

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