What is DeepFreeze?

DeepFreeze is a security program that is installed on all hi-rise computers. It prevents any permanent changes to the system and programs installed on it. It also prevents saving files to the computers. When a computer is protected (‘Frozen’ in DeepFreeze terms). any downloaded files or programs and any documents saved to the hard drive will be erased when the computer is restarted. This also prevents any malware to take hold of the system, since those programs are also erased on reboot.

How does DeepFreeze protect my privacy and identity?

DeepFreeze isn’t a privacy protection program per se, but it can help keep your information safe. Since any changes are erased when the computer is rebooted, this means that any personal information left on the computer or any accounts that were left logged in will be erased as well. (The account itself won’t be erased but any login information will be and the last user logged out.)

How can I prevent losing my work when using hi-rise computers?

The best way to do this is to save documents you are working on or files you are downloading to a USB flash drive. Alternatively, you can save files to cloud storage such as Onedrive or iCloud. All computers have USB ports and using personal flash drives is allowed. (Faronics antivirus will scan your drive for viruses when you insert it though.)